Technology is one of the most important parts of proper dental care in this day and age. Outdated forms of treatment and diagnostic equipment are no longer cut when giving patients the care they need and deserve. Digital dental scanners are one way your local dental practice at Little Canada Dental can improve the patient experience and make treatments faster and diagnostics more comfortable than traditional methods. The iTero intraoral scanner has revolutionized how dentists diagnose conditions, educate patients and gain valuable information about the condition of someone’s oral health, all in less time and with greater efficiency than ever before.

What is the iTero Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero 3D scanner is a cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to get a clearer picture of the inside of a patient’s mouth. The scanner creates one complete image of the patient’s mouth linked to a computer so that it can be digitally enhanced to show more detail or focus on specific issues that the dentist may have noticed or maybe be checking for.

Traditional dental impressions are time-consuming and invasive. It can take multiple tries to get a full impression of a patient’s mouth, and the images aren’t very clear or detailed. Worse yet, if the impressions are incorrect, they can mess up the entire diagnostic process. That’s not to mention the putty-like material used to take impressions that patients find repulsive.

Benefits of an Intraoral Scanner in Orthodontics

There are many ways that an intraoral dental scanner can assist with orthodontic treatments.

More Detail in Less Time

One of the key issues is that standard dental impressions take time to get and can be inaccurate. Each impression is a flat image of one portion of the mouth. This means that the dentist cannot see everything they need to. An intraoral scanner creates a full 3D image that can be enhanced and manipulated via a computer.

Ability to Catch Hard to Spot Issues

A full 3D image of the mouth allows your dentist to spot issues that are not easy to detect with flat images. Many teeth surfaces and gum pockets are hard to examine with standard dental images, making intraoral scanners an invaluable dental tool.

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