Oral Cancer Screenings in Saint Paul, MN

Did you know that maintaining optimum health includes planning an oral cancer screening near you at least once a year? It’s true. Just as you undergo annual screenings for other health concerns, oral cancer screening is becoming increasingly more important due to the rise of incidents of oral cancer in patients of all ages in recent years.

When you visit Dr. Salmanpour at Little Canada Dental, our dentist near you can perform a visual oral cancer screening as a standalone appointment or as a part of your exam and cleaning appointment. Whichever method you choose to receive this important screening, we invite you to make your appointment today.

Reasons for Oral Cancer Screenings Near You

Like other forms of cancer, oral cancer (sometimes referred to as mouth cancer) is often difficult to diagnose at home. Our dentist in Saint Paul, MN has the experience and equipment needed to identify the signs of early cancer. These signs include red scars, lumps, bumps, and rough spots on your gums that you may have not noticed at home or are challenging to see without dental equipment.

You may be thinking “out of sight, out of mind,” but here’s one alarming statistic which you may not have heard: According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, this type of disease results in the death of one individual each hour. Rather than taking a risk like that with your health, doesn’t it just make sense to schedule an appointment for oral cancer screening from Dr. Salmanpour to truly put your concerns “out of mind?”

If you agree, we invite you to call our office today to schedule your appointment or use our convenient online booking tool.

Three Additional Facts About Oral Cancer

Still not convinced that oral cancer screening is just as important as other parts of your annual health checks? Here are three additional facts to consider:

  • The most rapidly growing segment of patients diagnosed with oral cancer are young, non-smoking patients that are HPV16 positive.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use are factors when considering risk, but oral cancer is diagnosed in patients who have never used alcohol or smoked.
  • Of patients diagnosed with oral cancer, one in four did not have any risk factors.

Please call us now to schedule your appointment for oral cancer screening in Saint Paul, MN for our dentist near you.

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