Dental Crowns Near You

If you find yourself wondering how you can have a picture-perfect smile like those you see online, on television, or social media, then you’ll want to learn more about dental crowns from our dentist near you, Little Canada Dental. Although dental crowns are used in other treatment protocols, such as a final step in a dental implant or dental bridge procedure, they are also used to cover not aesthetically attractive teeth.

Realistic Looking Dental Crowns Near You

Although dental crowns can be made of several materials, ranging from porcelain and composite resin and palladium and gold, the most popular material is porcelain. Because porcelain can be color-matched to your surrounding teeth, it’s the material of choice for most patients who want to find confidence in their smiles once again.

Also, because porcelain can be sculpted, the material allows Dr. Salmanpour to customize your crown to correct:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Irregular placement of teeth
  • And more!

When you book an appointment with our dentist in Saint Paul, MN for a dental crown consultation, you’ll learn how we can improve your smile in record time!

Caring for Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns are highly durable and can last decades with proper care. Because they are developed to look and function like a natural tooth, they require the same at-home care as your other teeth – brushing and flossing twice a day. And even though cavities cannot form in the material used for your dental crown, bacteria can accumulate at your gumline or beneath the crown. That’s why adhering to a consistent schedule of preventive dentistry is critical to the maximum durability of your dental crown.

Ready for Your Smile Pick-Me-Up?

Whether you’re interested in dental crowns as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a dental implant or dental bridge procure, we’re here to provide the smile pick-me-up you deserve. We invite you to book an appointment with Little Canada Dental to learn more about dental crowns in Saint Paul, MN. We’re currently accepting new patients, and our Dr. Salmanpour and the team look forward to meeting you soon.

Dental Crowns in Saint Paul, MN

I’m glad I went to Dr. Salmanpour, him and his team was very patient and welcoming to me. Reason I went to this dentist was all the great reviews and I’m happy I went in . After 10yrs of no major work on my teeth I went in to do my root canal and got new crown. I’m very happy with the result and highly recommend anyone to step in to this dentist

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