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BOTOX® are popular procedures used to help reduce the prevalence of aging lines and give your skin a rejuvenated and healthier appearance.

What is Botox®️?

Botox®️ is one of the most widely known brands of botulinum toxin injections. Botulinum toxins are neurotoxins that affect nerves and cause muscle weakening. You might get a botulinum toxin injection for cosmetic or medical reasons. Botox®️ providers inject small amounts of Botox into specific muscles to smooth wrinkles, frown lines, prevent migraine headaches, and treat many other health conditions.

How does Botox work?

Botox blocks nerve signals to muscles. As a result, injected muscles can’t contract (tense up). These effects are always temporary but can last for several months. The muscle injected depends on the primary area of concern. Several areas can be treated in one session.

What Are the Benefits of Getting BOTOX®?

If you’re beginning to see wrinkles and fine lines in your skin, consider getting BOTOX which can help reduce its severity. BOTOX are generally regarded as temporary treatments for aging skin. BOTOX has various use cases, including alleviating TMJ pain, adjusting high lip lines, and treating bruxism. Results from BOTOX will typically last up to six months before further treatment is needed to upkeep its results.

Botox Treatment Areas

Our licensed and modern dentist in Saint Paul, MN, is an expert. He not only treats areas like Neck, Chin, and Bunny lines but has experience in enhancing areas such as

  • Lower Eyelid
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Necklace Lines
  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Gummy Smile
  • Eyebrow

In addition to the cosmetic concerns listed above, Botox®️ Cosmetic has a variety of therapeutic uses, including treating migraine headaches, strabismus (strabismus), and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Injecting Botox®️ Cosmetic into hypertrophied masseter muscles can slim the jawline, making it feel less heavy and bulky.

Who Should Not Receive Botox?

Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under age 18, or have a neurological disease should not use Botox. Since Botox doesn’t work for all wrinkles, you should consult with a doctor first.

BOTOX Provide Natural-Looking Results

One of the major deciding factors on a patient choosing to get BOTOX is whether or not they provide natural-looking results. Botox specialist dentists work on a wide range of faces; they are typically well-versed in how the treatment can affect patients’ faces. Dentists are also well-equipped and up-to-date on the latest practices and methods used for BOTOX treatments. Should you have any questions regarding the possible results from the treatment, talk it over with your dentist. Your dentist has the expertise needed to provide you with a guided overlook on what to expect from the procedure, which can help give you a better idea of the benefits BOTOX can bring.

We strive to provide our patients with reliable dental treatments at affordable rates. Dr. Salmanpour is highly experienced in dealing with various dental situations and understands how BOTOX affect different parts of the face. If you’re considering getting BOTOX in Saint Paul, MN, come to Little Canada Dental.

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