Dental Crown and Bite Problems: How to Solve Them

Dental Crown and Bite Problems: How to Solve Them

February 1, 2024

Your bite can be out of alignment for different reasons. You may have crooked teeth, problems with dental work, and so on. Crowns are common tooth caps that cover a tooth to protect it from decay or repair a damaged tooth.

Sometimes, dental crowns can make your bite out of alignment, causing various problems like not being able to bite down properly, having trouble chewing, and biting your cheek. If you have a dental crown and have this problem, please keep reading to learn more about how the dentist can reshape the crown to fix your bite.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns in Saint Paul, MN, are made from materials like metal, resin, or porcelain to cover a tooth that is damaged or has a lot of fillings that make it weak. A tooth that is at risk of decay can also benefit from a dental crown. A dental crown is put on top of the tooth after the tooth is shaped to fit the crown without being too big for the nearby teeth.

Sometimes, a crown needs to be reshaped to fit well with the other teeth. If the crown is not shaped well or the tooth under it is not shaped well before the crown is put on, it can make the bite out of alignment. The misalignment can cause bite problems, cheek biting, crooked teeth, and discomfort.

Temporary crowns are easy to adjust if needed because they can be taken off and changed. But adjusting a permanent crown needs more steps to fix.

How Do Dentists Fix Bites with Dental Crowns?

When reshaping permanent crowns, the dentist in Saint Paul, MN, must check your mouth to find out the cause of the problem. If you have a porcelain dental crown, it is hard to reshape it. Dentists can make small changes if needed. But the dentist may suggest doing the whole procedure again if big changes are needed. Porcelain crowns usually don’t need changes because our dentists are careful to make sure the crown fits well on your tooth and let you try it before putting it on. But you may need help with your bite if you have a resin crown. Luckily, reshaping the crown is easier, but the changes may make the resin crown less shiny or smooth than before.

Professional Treatment Is Important

If you feel your bite is off after getting a dental crown, get professional treatment from the Saint Paul dentist. The problems with your bite will not go away by themselves because a bad bite needs professional help from a general dentist or an orthodontist who can tell the signs of this problem. Some signs of a bad bite are not having symmetry in the lower part of your face, not having spaces and gaps when your upper and lower teeth grow and line up, not having spaces between the teeth rows, and so on.

If you have a bad bite because of a dental crown, it can move your teeth and change your bite. The misalignment can happen from hitting your mouth or accidents. But to fix the problems from a bad bite, you must get treatment from the dentist by having the crown checked. If the problem is from the height of the crown, the dentist can reshape the crown and put it on your tooth again.

Dentists use special paper to have you tap your teeth together to find out which parts of your tooth touch before the other parts. This helps them grind the specific spots to make sure they don’t weaken the crown.

You can give yourself about two weeks to get used to the dental crown. But if you still feel discomfort, you must get help from the dentist because it is not good to have a bad bite. So when you need to fix a tooth, you must visit experienced professionals who can give you a custom fit for your crown.

Little Canada Dental provides dental crowns near you to fix damaged and decayed teeth. They make sure you get the best fit with the crown to prevent a bad bite. So, if you need a new crown or want to fix a bad bite with a crown, make an appointment with them as soon as you can to get treatment.

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